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increase in click-through rates

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How it Works

Videos normally take many hours to weeks just to plan, create, edit, and render; we streamline the process for marketers by combining AI with human actors & pre-recorded templates. These videos can then be sent to customers in an automated fashion, as if each video had been painstakingly recorded by hand. All messages go through an approval process with your brand managers before being rolled out.

Customize your Script from 100+ Templates

We provide pre-made template for dozens of industries, accross common marketing & sales use cases, that can be tailored to your brand within minutes.

Select a Face

Pick a brand ambassador from hundreds of existing models of all ages, genders, and ethnicities - or simply upload your own selfie. We generate a 3D model of each face, and animate it to match the chosen template's speech.

Connect your CRM/e-mail

Once you connect your CRM & e-mail tools, we automate the delivery of videos as you specify - no IT required

Our AI + voice actors create & send the videos

We seamlessly combine the templates, voice, and customer's name using Hollywood motion capture & special effects into videos tailored for them. We currently support a half dozen languages, with more on the way.

Personalized Messages at Every Step of the Customer Journey

From marketing to inside sales, our videos are tailored to each customer - providing them with individual attention regardless of whether you have 1,000 customers or 20 million. With near infinite varieties of faces, clothing, and scenes available for your videos, there is no limit to the types of videos you can create.

Cross-Sell / Upsell

We integrate with your employee directory, and automatically generate a card for every new employee, and cancel cards of employees leaving.

Increase Retention & Lifetime Value

Your customers can continue to receive videos from the same digital persona for years, helping to build up brand loyalty and an established relationship - unlike using videos of employees or actors who may leave after a year.

Provide Premium Concierge Service

With everyone else sending mass, unpersonalized e-mails, now is your chance to stand out from the competition

1:1 Communication, at Scale

Instead of mass-emailing everyone (and ending up in the spam folder) - we personalize each message & deliver e-mails directly from your exisiting e-mail inbox (for B2B clients) or e-mail marketing apps. We also support delivery via SMS or Facebook Messenger, for even higher open rates.

Drip Marketing

Realtime segments & scheduling, with data from your CRM or event streams like Segment

Analytics your team will Love

Realtime analytics on campaign performance, delivery, click-through rates, and sales attribution.

Built-in A/B testing

We leverage machine learning to optimize which messages to send to which customers, at what time - continuously learning & improving.

Seamless Integrations

Our videos can be fed into your existing workflows and marketing tools via our open API, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, and hundreds more via Zapier.